Kinko Bay's first black sea bream fishing Smell full

錦江湾の初チヌ釣り 酒匂 満

February 2 I made a plan for rocky shore fishing, but my companion was in poor physical condition, so I was wondering if I should go alone, but this time I gave up on the rocky shore and decided to go fishing for the first time this year.
Prepare for sowing in the evening of the day.
I mixed Zudon, my Chinu, and White base conqueror Chinu in one corner of Oki Ami.
I took a little krill of sprinkled food for the bait. I'm looking forward to tomorrow with my Neriesa of "Meccha kuu!"series, corn and krill ready.

On the day, I left home after 4 am.
I arrived at the embankment of Kokubuhirose, Kirishima City in about 15 minutes.
There was a fisherman at the tip of the embankment, so I decided to put out a rod from the Tetra in front.
Since the sprinkled food is mixed the day before, I will make a gimmick.Also, until dawn, I tried to aim for horse mackerel with sprinkled food, but it ended in misfire.
After 6:XNUMX, I changed to a black sea bream fishing gimmick, and I expected Mazume in the morning, but there was no reaction from the black sea bream.
Is it the duck that responded to the sprinkled bait? (Seabird) When the sprinkled bait lands on the water, it thrusts its head into the sea and eats the sprinkled bait, and when the gimmick is thrown in, it seems to be caught and troublesome.
Meanwhile, I couldn't run even if the road thread was waiting, so I asked him a little and he got on the rod.
It doesn't seem to be big, but I enjoyed the pulling that shakes my head with the cock and cock that is peculiar to Chinu.
I found out that Chinu was approaching, so I concentrated on fishing.
Atari of the rod pulling at the same time as the road thread was stretched again.
After taking a breath, put in a match and start the exchange carefully.
It was about 45 cm of chinu that I managed to put it in the tamo, enjoying the pull peculiar to chinu.
If this size comes out this time, it will be good.

When I was aiming while rotating the shape and size of Neriesa, I enjoyed the pull of Chinu who caught the third Atari today and ran around vigorously before 8:3 when it overlapped with the high tide. was.
After that, as soon as the tide changed from the tide to the low tide, the water temperature dropped and there was no reaction at all, so I decided to fold the rod.
I washed away the fishing seat that was polluted with sprinkled bait and left the fishing seat.
This time, it was a convincing result with 40 pieces of 2 over in the first chinu fishing without any information.
From now on, the inner part of Kinko Bay will also enter the season, so I would like to visit for a larger size.