Fishing .. morizo

釣り納め    ..morizo
On December 12th, I went fishing to Bonotsu, my home ground.
According to the previous information from the captain, the water temperature fluctuates sharply.
It was said that there was a bitter taste.

Departure at around 6:40.
I was put on a slightly offshore independent rocky shore called Yokoze.
I'm planning to fish until 15:XNUMX, so Makie prepares a lot and makes krill XNUMX corners.
I used 16/3 bag of bag and 2 bags of GMAX in XNUMX times.

First of all, the needlefish is a hit!
The water temperature was quite high, and the needlefish ran endlessly on the surface.
But it doesn't get in the way as much as I think.
You can see the damselfish in the walla walla for feeding, but it will be bad at a little deeper place.

Since the activity of black is low and there is a lot of feeding around the brink, I focused on the offshore area.

Aim at the place where the tide moves slowly.I didn't get much size
I managed to get rid of Kuro.

From around noon, it becomes a torrent like a river and a gimmick is thrown and grunts are fired!
I enjoyed several fishing including 40 overs.

It became a good fishing