For fishing, go to Tsurumi's famous reef "Naga Udo" Aso

釣り納めは鶴見の名礁「長ウド」へ 麻生

December 12, to Tsurumi in the south of Oita Prefecture,I went fishing in 2021.On the day of the event, we went fishing with local friends who only rocky shore once a year.

Let's all go up to the rocky shore together and have funMake a reservation early on in the Hayami Maru, which is indebted to you, and make a famous reef in Tsurumi.I went up to "Long Udo".

Even at the beginning of DecemberI happened to be vacant, so I went up to the long Udo, but at that time I was able to catch quite a bit.As I was talking about that time along the way, the fishing members were also excited about their expectations.

The ship goes around Tsurumi Oshima and lowers the angler,The last remaining us went to the Tsurumizaki Peninsula.

Four people including myself are in the nose of the long udo, and two are in the long udo between the nose (?).).

The high tide is low around 14:XNUMX, which is just right for a long Udo.My friends were facing offshore, and I set up a fishing seat on the wand side and started fishing around 7 o'clock.

Assuming that Tana is reasonably deep, do not mix Grezero,It is a combination of G-MAX, which is the latest basic blend, and master long-distance casting.

Tsukee is raw Iki-kun Gure, raw Iki-kun for Pro,Ami-zuke Kimi and other variations are prepared by sprinkling master long-distance casting on raw Iki-kun.

With a few glasses of Makie at your feet,Being aware of the confluence of the tide and the main stream, Makie is about 20m ahead.3 glasses.No gun's light gimmick with Harris about 7m,I cast it to the Makie input point.

The mechanism becomes familiar in about 20 seconds,While drifting under the surface of the sea like a lake with a good feelingIf it is slowly sinking, the sinking speed of the float will increase from the middle and the thread will stretch.The favorite that came up was about 35 cm.

From the first throw, if this is auspicious, I will attack in the same way, butI can't continue.The point facing offshore is Sannoji and Budai, although the rod bends as much as possible.Even if you can catch the gloss, it is the size of the sole of your foot.

I will explore Tsukee while rotating it in various ways,I felt that the tide changed with each throw, and the situation that I could not attack continued.

The situation continued until the rod was delivered at 14:XNUMX, and when it was over,Among the long udo, only one 41 cm is.In the nose, four people ended up with a poor result of six 1 cm from the sole of the foot.Just at the timing when the Christmas cold wave was over and the water temperature dropped, I thought I was reluctant to eat.I'm sorry to blame the fish, but ...It was a fishing trip that I enjoyed a little bit.

After all, the Tsukee I ate was pickled in Ami,It was a Pro master long cast.I want to revenge on my first fishing.