Super luxury fish Shibudai fishing shun

超高級魚シブダイ釣り shun

Location: Makurazaki (Ichinose)
Date and time: July 7 (25: 17-30: 5 the next morning)
Middle tide: 18: 00-dry 23: 50-5: 20
Water temperature 28℃

In Kagoshima, I went to Makurazaki aiming for the super-luxury fish Shibudai, which is a "summer night fishing tradition", and was taken care of by the ferry "Kaiseimaru".

The descending sea is "Ichinose" located on the far right from the port.I started fishing at a shallow pier.
The depth of the water is about 5m to 12m from the front to the offshore, and there are some sinks, and fish come out from there.

Makie mixed "White Base Conqueror Chinu" with "White Base Conqueror Chinu" and "Black Turbo Plus" so that long-distance casting is effective with the aim of attracting fish to the frozen food "Slice" with turbidity in white.
For the bait, use the main "fresh silver-stripe round herring" and "raw Iki-kun half-boiled 2L" for when the reaction is bad.

Shibudai is basically fishing near the bottom, so check the shelves carefully before starting.
Then, the depth of about one rod continued in a wide range at regular intervals, so I decided on a semi-induction mechanism that firmly determines Tana.
Float: No. 3, Doito: No. 8, Harris: No. 12, Needle: Ise Nun No. 12Set and start fishing.
Here, both the rising tide and the falling tide flow to the right, so it was fishing that the floats flowed there all day long.
I started fishing when it was bright, but I couldn't get any food ... As soon as the sunset approached, Makie heard it, and as soon as I heard it, moray eels, triggerfish, and spweepers started to catch.
After 19:XNUMX, it's finally good to have a shallow shelf and let it flow!
The ones that came up are the same high-class fish as the blacktip grouper and Shibudai, which are close to 40 cm, and are happy!

Somehow I found out that there is a high probability of hitting off the coast to the right, and is there a good sinking?
When I concentrate on it and let it flow several times,It was a small shibudai that the electric float was turned off comfortably and came up without difficulty.
Get your favorite!
After all I ate off the right coast.
At 24:XNUMX, the tide stopped moving and it became difficult to bring the gimmick to the favorite point ...
Therefore, cast a long distance and aim for points directly!
The eel slices mixed with fish collecting materials also reach the point wonderfully!
After putting in some gimmicks, finally ...
The electric float disappears laterally with great momentum.
It's a good size Shibudai, the best moment!

Is it because I lit the light when I caught Shibudai?
After that, I just take food such as pinecones ...
The morning came as it was, and it became a pole.
This time, you can aim for all of Shibudai, Korodai, Taman, and Red sea bream!
The night fishing season is just around the corner.
Please give it a try!