The reading is correct!Kagoshima Prefecture Funama "Gengashima" December 12 shun

読みが的中クチブトGET!鹿児島県船間「源ヶ島」12月3日 shun
Location: Kagoshima Prefecture Funama "Gengashima"
Ferry: Kanamaru
Spring tide: High tide 6:00 Low tide 12:00
Harris No. 2 → No. 4
On this day, typhoon No. 21 occurred and there were swells and strong winds, so we started fishing from high places in consideration of safety.
Grezero is blended with G-Max, which I usually use, so that I can control Makie in strong winds.
To do.
By mixing them well, you can get a cohesiveness and improve the long-distance castability.

When you sprinkle Makie on your feet, you will see a group of 20 cm long tails and butterflyfish, and the sea is still in autumn.
Due to the influence of swelling, the bleaching is strong, and it is expected that Makie is accumulated in the place where the bleaching generated from the fishing seat and the sinking water in front collides.
A lot of makie for feeding at your feet, and two glasses of makie in the place where your favorite sarashi hits.
It is difficult to operate the line, so I will fix the float of 0 shibu and search for a G5 gun ball with a two-step striking method to make a hit.

The reading was correct and I was able to catch a gure-kutibuto.
After that, when the cold subsided, I changed to full induction and added a tail length.
After that, I was able to rotate this mechanism and increase the number.
Approximately one hour before the rod was delivered, I saw a huge fish shadow dancing in the sarashi at my feet, and when I aimed at it, I was killed instantly.
When I switched to the Onaga tackle and put in a gimmick with Doito No. 4 Harris No. 4, it was a huge brassy chub when I floated the fish with a bullish exchange ... Unfortunately, it was easy to understand the identity.
Occasionally, you can see fish dancing at your feet just before the collection.
It's a fascinating place!
I would like to visit again in search of a big van.