Fishing results on a highly visible slope

I made a reservation with Napoleon Hayabusa No. XNUMX and went fishing at Koshiki Island.
It's still dark by the time we arrive at the river, so we mainly use tackles and G-MAX for night fishing.
Finished so that Grezero and Krill can be cast long distances.
Tsukee chose raw Iki-kun, hard type and mukimi, and started fishing immediately.
Even if I put in a few throws and put in some gimmicks, even on a night when I'm not very cautious, is it the effect of the rain the day before?
The activity of the fish is not good.I won't let you fish.
While changing the gimmicks and making trial and error, the dawn dawns and it becomes a morning maze!
I can't come to zeal and go home with Bows!

The tide is just flowing offshore, and the slope shape, which is a feature of G-MAX, can be confirmed in the field of view.
It's getting easier to tune in.
Because it was a long-distance casting specification while blowing the wind, the bait was stepped without falling apart, submerged and stopped while flowing, and submerged and stopped repeatedly.
When I entered about one and a half, there was a fierce pull that pulled the line with a crackle!
It was more than 45 Kuro who came up to think that this pull was the favorite.
The feeling of pull and weight on the rod that can not be said to be a sense of security that I finally caught is an irresistible place for fishing.

I was able to catch about 47 pieces with 20 in my head until the rod was delivered.
The key to fishing was that the beautiful slope formation and good visibility made it easier to create an image of synchronization!

Finally, don't forget to take measures against infection!