Satsuma Peninsula Blast Makurazaki Fishing Line .. Hanado

薩摩半島 爆風の枕崎釣行    ..花堂
I went to Makurazaki on the Satsuma Peninsula on January 1th.
As expected, the northerly wind was strong on that day.
This time, with the president of the club I belong to, I went to "Gunkan" located east of the port.
It has risen.

While adjusting the water content so that the blast does not disperse the bait,
Finished hard.
G-MAX is useful because it can handle various situations.

In the foreground is a small tail length and a thick mouth.
I will throw a gimmick about 20 meters offshore and fish by submerged fishing.
The hit of the fish is taken with the thread.Sprinkle food only at your feet.
The mold was small, but I was able to enjoy several fishing up to 38 cm. Thanks to G-MAX.
The president of the club also got a striped jack while fishing for gray.

Garbage such as Harris was conspicuous when the water went up.
Let's aim for a beautiful fishing spot as an angler's manners!