Self-record update‼ .. Shuichi Hanado

自己記録更新‼    ..花堂修一
At the beginning of April, I went to Sata, Minamiosumi Town, Kagoshima Prefecture.
I got on the "Kamafuta-mae" of Nishiiso.
It was a challenge while receiving a blast from my back.

The blend material is "G-MAX" which is always useful and used.
G-MAX 3.1kg and Ikki Floating Gure SP are excellent compatibility, with plenty of ingredients
You can appeal to fish with the red slope.
It is also excellent in long-distance casting.

With outstanding fish collecting power, I was able to catch a 58 cm long tail!
Thanks to you, I was able to update my self-record.
If I have another chance, I will do my best with the goal of Rokumaru!