At Yonemizutsu camel .. Aso

米水津 ラクダにて    ..麻生
I went to Yonemizutsu on January 1th.
Rumor has it that there are quite a few people on weekends because of the strong performance of Yonemizutsu.
Because there was, I went by 3 o'clock flight instead of 5 o'clock flight.

The ship goes to Yokoshima, but as expected, there is a cap light on the rocky shore.
It's shining.Give up and move to the ground, the ship goes to camel.
Because the fishing seat is also narrow, one person went up.

On this day, Makie put two bags of GMAX and two bags of rocky shore master on three raw sheets.

First, mix the master long cast and krill well, then
Blend GMAX.Master long cast has fine particles,
The entanglement with krill is outstanding.

After the sun rises, the north wind from the front will blow
Assuming that you can cast long distances even in strong winds while finely adjusting the water content
I kneaded it firmly by hand.

When Makie is depressed on the brink, Hypoatherina vale comes out.
GMAX wheat and coarse particles in the smoke screen of the master long cast with a light density
It is falling and can break through the Tougoro squid.

From around 10 o'clock, as expected, the blast from the front blew and the strength of the wind was strong and weak.
While observing the timing, we will put in a gimmick and Makie.

In the foreground, aim for about 20m ahead, where only small scale blackfish are eaten.
The kneading condition is perfect, so unless you throw it high like frying,
I was able to drive Makie to the target point.

Sashie is Sashie PRO, Raw Iki-kun Neo Hard, Raw Iki-kun Mukimi,
While rotating the gillnet pickled gillnet and Nama Iki-kun gillnet
I used it.On the day, even if there is a hit, it may not bite
Many of the things that responded well on this day were Ami-zuke Mukimi and Master Long-distance Pickled.
It was raw Iki-kun mukimi and gillnet.

Stay 30 cm in the morning, wait for the full tide from the afternoon, and wait for the tide.
When I attacked a wide area, I started to increase the size, and I got several up to 39 cm.

In the blast from the front, it was said that the accurate hitting of Makie led to the fishing result.
Also, in Oita, Mukimi works well. .. ..It's also pickled in ami
Is the strongest.