Akiiso opening (Ushibuka, Amakusa City) Aso

秋磯開幕(天草市牛深) 麻生

On October 10, the west coast of Kyushu was not affected by Typhoon No. 2,Great fishing weather.

Go to Ushibuka's offshore beach with your usual fishing companions.The duty area of ​​the striped beakfish circle on the day

Okise, one friend to the triangle, I two to the wand.Ushibuka at this time

There is an image that the eating tana is shallow, so the blend material isGrezero

Mainly contains GMAX and Gure Z.Grezero spreads laterally and becomes shallow Tana

I feel that it attracts Gure, so I often use it during this time.


When I started fishing, it was still summer in the sea.Brassy chub in the palm of your hand,sometimes,

You can also see the needlefish running off the surface of the water offshore.


In the wand, I just picked up the leavesWhen the captain came around, he changed his mind.

The tide is a little low, and I feel like I'm going to get into the Mata mata fog group on the famous reef.Mata mata with two people

Reef to.There isn't much need for long-distance casting here, soAdd a little water to Makie and after landing

Adjusted to spread immediately, because you can not see the fish, if you search deeply from the upper layer,Bali, Bali,

Brassy chub in the upper layer ...When I was conscious of about one rod when fishing,

Finally 30 a little favorite.After that, it didn't continue,Like washing your feet under the influence of swelling

So I contacted the captain and changed again.


For the last 2 hours, head to Oshima's Kamoi Triangle.It ’s different from Okise, and it ’s a black sea bream fishing spot.

phase. Added GMAX and Gure Z,Finished hard so that long-distance casting works, and the tsukee is also heavy

Select "Ami-zuke Mukimi".Explore the depths from the tides off the coast.When I try to collect it, Tsukee

As it was, it was a little off the needle, so tear off the peel andSkewer the needle.

I can't see the float because of the backlight, so concentrate on the thread!Then,It reacted suddenly, so when combined,

If you enjoy a good weight and a decent pull for the first time in a long time,The needle comes off ...


Maybe it's better to skewer your skin ...Mukimi torn in the same way

Stab it, put a lot of Makie off the coast, and put in a gimmick after a while.I let it flow for about 1 minute

By the way, the same Atari.What was floating was a decent gray.Is it about 40?

With 30 minutes left, I immediately put it in the same pattern and came again.This time 34 cm.

From now on, unfortunately, the rod is delivered.Atariesa on this day was "Ami-zuke Mukimi".


It was a day when I realized the opening of Akiiso.