Akiiso is a brassy chub heaven .. morizo

秋磯はイズスミ天国    ..morizo
On November 11th, I went fishing to Bonotsu to check the autumn rocky shore.

Even if I asked the captain for the previous information, the water temperature was high and Gure had no fishermen ...
Today, I got on the "Nakahitoze".
When I hit Makie (I used GMAX this time) at my feet, Izusumi is in a state of turbulence from the morning.
It's a scene I don't want to see too much.

As expected, I could only catch brassy chub in the first half of the game.
Probably 15 pieces can be caught.

However, from around 11:30, the activity of brassy chub visibly decreased and the turbulent state stopped.
Then, I started catching some blackfish.

However, if you cover the device with Makie obediently, you will be able to catch the end of the tree.
This works well when the gimmick and Makie are tuned off at Okime.
I managed to catch a 35cm class blackfish.
Since GMAX has excellent visibility, you can easily synchronize the gimmick and Makie even in the offing eyes!

Make a hit pattern with the same pattern up to the rod as it is, and make a gray scale from 25 cm to 37 cm
I made it a hit (25 cm class keeps only needle drink), and I was able to make a convincing day.