Hanado to enjoy autumn black sea bream

秋チヌを楽しむ 花堂

In September, I had a hard time fishing because of the typhoon.I decided to go fishing in the tetra belt of Hayato, Kirishima City because I wanted to catch healthy black sea bream in autumn.

Hirokyu's blended ingredients selected this time are 1 bag each of bottom attack zudon, chinu smoke screen, and raw chrysalis black sea bream.Then I added 3 kilos of raw krill.

Plenty of ingredients!
Makie will reach the point you aim for well.
If you look at the makie that has been used to collect food at your feet, you will see yellow and red wheat, glittering oyster shells, and brown pupae falling down.
The kneaded bait uses corn.Kneaded bait is used throughout the year, but it is one of the essential items for taking food measures such as high temperature water periods.

On this day, the 30cm-class Meita had a hard time getting bigger due to feeding.There are a lot of Meta size in autumn.
Meita calmed down when the tide eased, and I was finally able to catch 40 over.

Thanks to all of you, I was able to keep 44 of them up to 5 cm.
I would like to challenge again with the goal of 50 UP in the Nokkomi season.