Kuro fishing in Kirishima in autumn New addition

秋の霧島でクロ釣り 新増

On September XNUMXth, I went black-fin fishing at Nagahama fishing port in Obama area, Hayato-cho, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima prefecture.

For Makie, I used gmax XNUMXkg for long casting and reasonable gluten.I used raw Iki-kun PRO and semi-boiled bait.Aim for black over XNUMX cm at the nearby wharf.

In Makie, the surface of the water is flocked with small red sea bream.The bait PRO is taken before the bait gets used to it.Throw Makie here and there offshore and let Kuro run with motivation.When I added semi-boiled bait to it, I was able to catch a black about XNUMX cm.

It was a short time fishing in the morning, but I was able to catch a good type of black at the harbor near the house in the back of the bay.