Raw Iki-kun for pro stripping strategy shun

Nama Iki-kunforpro剥き身作戦 shun
Location: Sakurajima Rocky shore (slope)
Date and time: April 3 (16: 7-00: 12)
Spring tide: 7: 04-dry 12:50
Water temperature: 17 ℃

I went fishing to the slope of Sakurajima rocky shore at Tenryu Maru.

This place is gradually getting deeper from the front and is basically a long-distance casting point.

Makie is the main G-MAX.
By kneading it firmly, it will be more cohesive and will be excellent for long-distance casting.
Raw Iki-kun for pro for Tsukeesa
It is hard to come off even if you cast it far, and it is soft, so it is useful for fishing when eating is astringent.
On this day, Koppagure sprang up on the surface of the water all day, and it seemed that there was a sole size under it.
The activity of Koppa is high, and it is difficult to send Tsukeesa to the lower layers.
Therefore, if you try not to sprinkle Makie around the float about 5 times in front of you.
Somehow the sole size is a hit!
If you catch a few pieces that way
It is astringent to eat, and although the float sinks, it does not bite easily for a long time.
As a means to do well at such times
"Simple stripped meat"
It is a method of removing the head and tail and removing only the upper part of the shell.
If you put up a line with this and wait, it will be "steady"
If you pull it slowly, it will work well.
Get 33 cm of gray.
Successful simple stripping battle!
Add several cards in the same way.
After that, in order to catch decagre, I aimed at the vicinity of the seabed by submerged fishing, but unfortunately it was only wrasse and irritation.
From the afternoon, I gave up fishing due to the intense red tide ...
Although the size did not change, I was able to do several fishing and it was fun fishing.
The Gure fishing season is also in the last spurt!
I want to get a good model somehow.