Enjoy autumn rocky shore with Namaiki-kun for PRO (Yonemizutsu, Oita Prefecture) Aso

Nama Iki-kun for PROで秋磯を堪能(大分県米水津) 麻生

On November 11rd, I went fishing for Gure to Yonemizutsu in Oita prefecture.

On that day, due to work the day before, I left the port at 7:XNUMX on a round-trip flight of the Seishin Maru.

One pair each of Luerman, bottom, and Fukase, and the rocky shore was quite empty.

I wonder if Gure fishing is about to come ...


A pair of Fukase is in Hirase, Yokoshima. One flight goes up to Kinarubae

When I looked at the customers, they sent out a splendid yellowtail toward the ship.

It seems that it was both a sword of a lure and a sword of a lure.After that, I was called up by a round fly.

Reef from the ship on the south side.Here, the lowering flows to the south side, and the raising flows to the Tsurumi Peninsula side on the north side.


Makie on the day was conscious of G-MAX and master long-distance casting, which is the base, and shallow Tana.

Blended with Grezero.Tsukee focuses on the new product, Iki-kun for PRO, M size.

We rotated the pickled ami and the garbage food taken from Makie.


According to the captain, there are many leaves and 40 overs are rare, so it is still in the season.

I feel like I haven't.The water temperature was about 22 ° C.


Put a few cups of Makie at your feet, put Makie in front of the tide two rods ahead, and leave it for a while.

Introducing a gimmick.You can catch the leaves immediately.Depression of Makie, Bashabasha, and leaves

A flock will come.


I give up the point two rods ahead and aim for offshore by throwing a long distance. Knead well about 2m ahead

Put in 3 cups of Makie, which are designed to be effective for long-distance casting, without spilling.


After about 10 seconds, shift it a little and put in the device.Waiting for the gimmick to get used to

When you try to collect it, food will remain.I put in a gimmick in the same way, and the gimmick began to become familiar

By the way, cover the float with a glass of Makie. After about 1 seconds, there was a reaction.

It was about 30 cm of gray.In the same way, I was able to catch a lot while changing the points.


The maximum is about 35 cm. Unfortunately I didn't get over 40, but I enjoyed it so much.


Speaking of Oita, Tsukee has the impression that pickling in ami is effective, but on the day of the event, it was completely

There was no reaction, and Iki-kun for PRO was the food.Compared to the previous raw Iki-kun,

It's obviously soft, transparent, and pre-prepared.Active in the coming cold gray season

I think it will be a good idea.