Effective for astringent black .. Ichi

渋クロに効果的    ..いっちー
When the cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Kagoshima,
I asked Mr. Miyomaru of Nomaike and the ferry to go fishing for black.
The wind blew moderately, and the climate was such that the temperature rose to nearly 20 ° C during the day.
We reef in Oki Kase and make Makie.
2 bags of G-MAX middle of Hirokyu's product, 1 bag of seaweed power,
I will challenge with one krill corner.
For Tsukee, I prepared raw Iki-kun M, hard type, and Ami-zuke Kimi.
The tide is a tide that winds from left to right, and the flow is fast.
At my feet, the tide that springs from below and the double tide overlap, and it was a complicated situation.
I put in raw krill and wait for Atari, but the food remains and it collapses and returns.
I adjust the mechanism, but there is no response.This is Mazui and the favorite point moves to the back of giving up.
Therefore, the raw krill collapses, so I changed it to Nama Iki-kun.
Synchronize using the slope formation effect that is a characteristic of G-MAX.
A small Atari steadily in the place where 3 Hiro entered!Kita!
If you rush to match it here, you will be wary of it without tension, so wait for a while.
The moment the line is pulled, I'll put it together!
It was nearly 40 cuts that the rod was bent up.
Since Atari disappeared on the way, I changed to Ami-zuke Kimi and added several more, and I was able to catch a total of 6 pieces.
I was able to make the astringent black use my mouth with a fishing method that makes the best use of the good bait and the characteristics of the fish collecting material.