I went to the sea on Marine Day!Qin

海の日に海に行きました! 秦

August XNUMXth Holiday To Wakayama City, Wakayama PrefectureI went fishing in the summer.
The maximum temperature forecast was XNUMX degrees, but it was a cloud forecast, soAfter XNUMX am, expecting a little betterArrived in Wakayama City.

No. XNUMX LB on a XNUMXm chinu rodXNUMX road thread wound on the reel, XNUMXB load rod float is used, Harris XNUMX.No. XNUMX and Chinu Needle No. XNUMX are tied upThe food to be sprinkled on the day is XNUMX bags of Hirokyu raw pupa black sea bream.Raw krill XNUMXk simple finish!
The sashimi bait is krill that eats a lot of Hirokyu,Start with raw krill, corn that eats a lot.
By sprinkling a lot of raw black sea bream, the activity of Chinu becomes active.Very high! Capture XNUMX and escape XNUMX!smile.
Take a commemorative photo and release.
Clean a simple fishing spotCompletely delivered.
Actions that change the immediate future with paste are essential!