Tsukumi Youra Peninsula Takahama Kokagami .. Shingo Takeshita

津久見 四浦半島 高浜コカガミ    ..竹下 新悟
I went to the first rocky shore fishing line this season!
Two ferry boats, Iso, are going up to Kokagami at 2 am.
It was very difficult fishing on the day due to the blast and the tide that exceeded the forecast.
By patiently aiming, I was able to meet a good-looking Gure!
The water temperature was still high, so during the high season
I felt it was a little further.

The compounded fish material used this time is ...
Krill raw 3 kg 2 horns, Gure Z with good visibility and fish collecting effect,
We increased the amount with white power and kneaded it firmly to improve long-distance casting and operability.
(* Please note that only white fish collecting materials can be used in the Takahama area.)
In addition, finely powdered G-MAX was sprinkled on krill raw M to enhance the coloring and fish collecting effect!