Demonstrate power on deep embankments!Bottom attack Zudon .. Masao Aso

水深ある堤防で威力を発揮! 底攻めズドン    ..麻生正雄
I have been fishing for black sea bream on the embankment of Kara Ajiro in Ryugatake Town, Kamiamakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture.
I left home at 8:XNUMX in the morning and started fishing from noon.
The blend material is 2 krill and 1 krill raw.
Tsukee uses raw sashiesa PRO LL and Ami-zuke Kimi

Since this place faces the Seto with Yokoura Island, the flow of the tide is complicated.
It's pretty strong.
Among them, Zudong has a high specific density and sinks firmly toward the bottom even in a strong current.
Adjust the mechanism according to the tide and the sinking speed of Zudon, and let it flow while taking a little less than 3 rods.
There is almost no atari including the surroundings, and time passes quietly.

The sun is starting to fall and we are entering the golden time.
The tide that had been flowing up to the embankment began to stop at about two poles ahead.
This is a chance to hit Zudon at the point where it stops.
When the gimmick arrived at that point after flowing from offshore, the float began to swell,
There was a reaction at the tip of the rod.

When combined, it feels heavy and hits the rod at a slow tempo, so I'm convinced that it's my favorite.
Although it stuck to the bottom several times, it floated.

It was a little slender, but it was a fine 45cm chinu.

Zudong has a high density, so it sinks at once aiming at the bottom, but the smoke screen remains,
It also contains a lot of large corn and wheat, and has excellent visibility and appeal.

It is well organized and can be focused on pinpoints even when casting long distances.
It definitely works, especially on deep embankments.
In addition, I would like to take Zudong and go out to play next time.