Like an aquarium ..morizo

水族館みたい    ..morizo
It's still hot every day, but I've been fishing only in the morning of September 9th.

At first, I put out a rod at Taniyama Port, but I was hit by a blowfish onslaught and rounded up quickly.
It is repartitioned at the Nanko in Kagoshima City.
Although it is a small embankment, it seems that about 5 anglers are doing their best on a first-come, first-served basis.
I asked people who are close to the fishing spot to exchange greetings and resume fishing from around 7:30.

This is the first place to put out a rod, but if you explain it within the visible range
About 5m from the front is only about 2m deep even at high tide.
However, it seems that the depth is deeper than 5m, and everyone is always around there.
Pukapukauki was floating.

As usual, I believed in the information that I could see and decided to explore the surrounding area.
Second throw.
I was surprised at the atari that was struck!
Even though I resist, I have a high degree of grief!
He was the one who couldn't say anything with the No. 1 rod, which was so big.

I decided that this attack was reckless because of my gimmick, so I decided to make a point off the coast and attack again.

Since I was at the bottom of the tide, I focused on fishing while slowly sinking light gimmicks and exploring where the tide was moving.

Atari was far away from the high cut for a while, but after 8 o'clock, fish gradually started to be caught.
Kodai, Meita, Koppa, etc. are small in size, but the rod bends to the extent that you will not get tired of it.
After 9 o'clock, you can catch the needlefish of about 70 cm, which is the largest today, and make you feel summer.
From there, hedai and aigo were also mixed.

During this time, fish were constantly caught and the size gradually increased.
At 10:XNUMX, the rod was delivered due to a regrettable shortage of food (because I was planning to fish early in the morning for a limited time).
And I remembered that it was hot.
Humans forget about the heat when they start catching fish.

Everyone should be careful about heat stroke measures and enjoy fishing in the harsh heat.