Baiu Chinufukase fishing Qin

梅雨チヌフカセ釣り 秦

Saturday, June XNUMXth to the shore in Wakayama City, Wakayama PrefectureAiming for after-individuals after spawning only in the morningI went fishing for the rainy season!
The tide around the day is mid-tide and high tide is reached at XNUMX amI started fishing at sunrise with the tide!
The recipe for sprinkling on the day is XNUMX kg of raw krill.Hirokyu Raw Sanagi Black sea bream Simple with only XNUMX bagsFinishing.Bring raw krill, corn, and food for stab food.

Before the first throw, I was hitting the raw pupa black sea bream XNUMX cassotte bait, so the first throwAtari!
Atari's true identity is a small blowfish for feeding (laughs)
It was a series of blowfish, blowfish, blowfish, but ...
Because the stab food was left as per the textbook!
Premonition of Chinu! !!
It seems that the raw pupa black sea bream worked and Chinu arrived (laugh)
I got XNUMX sheets.

It was still cold in June, so put it directlyAll released after taking a commemorative photo.
I cleaned a simple fishing spot and delivered it completely.