Rainy season glow .. Ichi

梅雨グロ    ..いっちー
While the influence of corona continues worldwide, take measures against corona
I headed for Shimokoshikijima to aim for the rainy season.
It's been a long time since I've been fishing, so I'm excited from the preparation, and I also have fish collectors and krill.
Dozens of minutes until you decide which one to use and how much to bring
After having trouble with my hand, I remembered that my acquaintance recommended G-MAX,
G-MAX and Advanced Grayfish, Okiamigure,
For the bait, I chose raw Iki-kun 2L and half-boiled 2L.
I started fishing at night until the dawn.
This is the first time I have used G-MAX, it has good water absorption, and it is easy to mix with krill.
Because it is a fine particle, it was also excellent for long-distance casting.
The reason I thought so was that when Makie was in the dark, he was thrown to the point and target with a light force.
Also, you can adjust the timing of synchronization, and the fishing result will go up.
Most of the fish I caught were taken because the shark was wandering around.
Even as the sun rose, the fight against sharks continued and I was able to catch 11 pieces.
I didn't get many, but I was able to enjoy pulling many times, so I think it's the effect of G-MAX!