The best rainy season ..morizo

梅雨グレ最高    ..morizo
On June 6, I missed rock fishing and went to Bonotsu in Minamisatsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
I went to aim for the rainy season.

On this day, I thought about Makie work as a measure against feeding (visibility, light density, long castability)
A blend of 2 krill, 2 bags of Grezero, the power of seaweed, and rocky shore master long cast
Used as one day's worth.
Tsukee was also prepared with raw PRO, raw Iki-kun, and raw Iki-kun half-boiled.

Even though I was hit by the onslaught of Koppa, Brassy chub, and Oyabitcha from the morning
I was able to enjoy several fishing with the tail length of the 35 cm class in my head.

The idea of ​​Tsukee to have Makie work and good-sized Gure Tana was a shortcut to fishing.
I don't know how many sheets I caught from the palm of my hand to the sole of my foot.

I made a point at the tide 20 to 30 meters away by nailing the slow feeding with Makie at my feet.
Instead of driving Makie into the gimmick here, if you put Makie on the tide of the gimmick and fish
I was able to catch a relatively good-shaped grayfish.
As for Tsukee, Iki-kun had more time than raw.
I think there was a difference in feeding for feeding.

Thanks to the good long-distance casting "Grezero", "the power of seaweed", and "Iso Master long-distance casting", long-distance casting Makie was also easy!
It is a particularly recommended fish collecting agent at this time of year!