Aim for the rainy season black! !! .. Takeyan

梅雨クロを狙って!!    ..竹やん
June XNUMXth (Sat) I went fishing to Hana in the west of Katashima on the home ground.
I was relieved because the weather forecast was a wave height forecast of 1.5m after 1m.
When you arrive at Hana west of the point, a fairly large swell remains.
Since safety is important, I decided to put out a rod at another point.

After catching red sea bream and two black sea bream of about 30 cm, the tide changes to the low tide.
I went up to the favorite point around 10 am.

The high tide on that day was 8 o'clock, so I thought it was okay, but the swell was big.
Even if I managed to make it a hit, I couldn't get out in front of it and ended up breaking it up many times.
Meanwhile, the maximum length of black that I managed to capture was 42 cm.

For this day's sowing, use XNUMX bags of Krill XNUMX corners of Hirokyu, XNUMX bags of GMAX, and XNUMX bag of Grezero.
I used this in two parts.
Krill raw / Nama Iki-kun twin pack Mukimi M for feeding
I used XNUMXL of Nama Iki-kun twin pack regular.
If you don't get a hit with krill, you can get a hit with Twin Pack Mukimi M.
If it was a light gimmick, the line was sometimes taken off and there was no gimmick, so
I used 2B floats.
Although not shown in the photo, grunt and red sea bream were also entangled.