The fighting amberjack season has arrived!Irie

格闘ヒラマサシーズンがやって来ました! 入江

This year too, the rocky shore sprinter and the fighting amberjack season have arrived!
11/26 I took a New Rainbow departing from near Huis Ten Bosch and went fishing to the sacred ground of Amberjack, Goshima Biro Island.

The only food for Hirokyu used on this day was the eight-horned krill boiled fish!Put the thawed boil in a 8 cm square scari and ride on it to drain the water so that the boil floats on the surface of the sea.If you do so, it will become bread and bread, but you can put 36 corners just barely in the scari.

The tackle can wind No. 12 200 meters on a long-throw amberjack rod. Reel Harris set No. 14 Hari with a tubed red sea bream No. 12 ❗️ This time, I challenged with amberjack basket.
If you sprinkle the boil while squeezing the water by hand from the still dim time, Pasha Pasha and the fish will start preying, and then Pasha will be bogged down!The predation sound changes suddenly!Amberjack has arrived!

Fill the basket with boil and throw it far away to wait for Atari.Atari is clear!Amberjack with added tension pulls the line for nearly 100 meters at a stretch. When the head turns to this side, the line that came out is collected by winding the reel at high speed, and the amberjack that returned the squeak sprints offshore again. !!If it loosens, it will forcibly turn its head and start pulling.

Repeatedly, I managed to put in a tamo with the help of my companion.It's hard to raise one!The temperature in the morning was 8 degrees Celsius, but I sweated a lot.
By the time I collected it at 14:00, I managed to catch 7 fish, and I think it was a good result for me as a stubborn person.However, the maximum regret is 92.5 cm!

I thought that my back hair would be pulled even though it was over the meter in a little while.
The type changes from autumn masa to winter masa and grows bigger and bigger.Amberjack is a wild and exciting fishing target and I would like to challenge again soon.