To Makurazaki fishing port Chinu fishing Uekihara

枕崎漁港へチヌ釣り 上木原
7/17 (Sun) I went fishing for black sea bream at Makurazaki fishing port in Kagoshima prefecture.
In the recent Minamisatsuma area (especially the open sea), Sabago was in a rage, and I was fishing with a bit of anxiety.
This time, I fished for about half a day with a bag of krill and a bag of raw pupa black sea bream.

I started fishing after 6 o'clock, and Kitinu bent the rod before 7 o'clock.
Although I searched for it in all layers, it was awkward to eat (fish did not run), so I changed to a stick float.
The harbor itself is not very deep at 6m even at high tide, but I did it with the image of stretching it with a heavy mechanism and multiplying it with a small Atari.

I wondered if it worked, but I was able to catch one skin or just barely enough, but I managed to get seven, which was a satisfying result.

Today, it wasn't like summer and there was almost no food (only two holly fish were caught), so raw krill was enough for tsukee.

The hot days will continue from now on, so please take good measures against the heat and enjoy fishing.