Chinu fishing with patience that endured sunburn in Makurazaki .. morizo

枕崎で日焼けに耐えた我慢のチヌ釣り    ..morizo
Although Corona's state of emergency was lifted nationwide
I can't let my guard down every day
June 6 I went fishing to Makurazaki fishing port in the south of Satsuma Peninsula, Kagoshima prefecture.

Arrived at the port at 7 o'clock.

This time, I used Kizamikko, 2 bags of my chinu, and 1 bag of chinu smoke screen for one day.
Tsukee is my full equipment of raw black sea bream, raw Iki-kun, and raw pupa.

Makie hits, but the activity of the fish is abnormally low, and there is no atari for the first hour.

From around 8:30, the black sea bream begins with a fluttering Atari!
Suddenly I caught a 45 cm chinu.

After that, if the bottom tide moves, the fish will eat, and if the tide does not move, the tsukee will not change at all.
I was in a situation where I was coming back.

If you can devote yourself to patience fishing, it will lead to fishing results, if even the bottom tide moves a little
Atari came out immediately, so I realized again that it is important to keep Makie working without interruption.

By the way, in my own image, the high specific density of "My Chinu" makes Makie work on the bottom, while
The turbidity of the "Chinu smoke screen" made it possible to search from the upper layer, which is a full-thickness fishing method.
It was that kind of feeling.

On this day, I continued to endure the sunburn and by 16:42, I had 48 pieces of 4-46 cm of chinu and 1 piece of hedai XNUMX cm.
I caught 30 cracks around 3 cm.

As a result, it was a very satisfying day.