Black sea bream fishing at Makurazaki Kamikihara

枕崎でのチヌ釣り 上木原
It's been hot every day, but I went to Makurazaki in Kagoshima, where I live, on August 8th, taking advantage of the Obon holiday.

It's too hot during the day, so I'll play in the morning.

The bait this time was a krill, one bag each of raw chrysalis black sea bream and bottom attacking zudon.
Tsukee prepared 3 liters of raw, corn and krill that I ate very much.

Arrived at the fishing spot at 5:30.
On this day, it was spring tide and high tide was at 8:21.

About a month ago, it was a point where I had a pretty good feeling, so I challenged it with high expectations, but...
Atari doesn't come out easily on this day.
I put Makie in to make a point offshore, but the fish didn't come.

After 1 hour and 2 hours, the catch does not come up easily.
No matter how much I attacked offshore, even raw krill returned home as they were, so I changed my strategy.

I decided to look for the place where the bait is taken.
Then I noticed that they can only take food within 5m from their feet, almost at their feet.
Apparently the water temperature is too high and the activity of the fish is falling.

I was toyed with by small plated horse mackerel, charico, giant grouper, shibudai, etc., but there weren't any fish offshore that day, because the fish were moving as they were in front of me.

At around 11:30, when I gave up on the black sea bream because I thought it would be impossible today even though it was small but the rod was bent, there was drama in the last throw.

I dropped the gimmick at my feet, floated the tana a little above the bottom and looked at it with krill.
As soon as the tip hits the surface of the sea, hit the rod and go straight to the opposite shore!

It was difficult to control the giant fish that was hung at my feet using a No. 0 rod, but I was able to catch the only 50.2cm black sea bream that day! ︎

Of course, there was no makie left, so I was a little disappointed, but I was able to return home with a sense of satisfaction.

The hot days continue.
Take care of heat stroke and enjoy fishing.

Wear a life jacket wherever you are fishing.
Finally, keep the fishing spot clean and take your garbage home with you.