Don't miss the chance to get rid of it in the morning!Shuichi Hanado

朝マズメのチャンスを逃さない! 花堂修一

R On January 4, 1th, I went fishing with club members to the rocky shore of Akime, Bonotsucho, Minamisatsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

The blend material used is G-MAX, Gure Zero, and Domination Gure in one bag each, and one corner and half of the small particles for Gure are mixed.

Tsukee has selected Ami-zuke Mukimi, Prosashie and the new product "Nama Iki-kun PRO".

In advance, club member H advised that "the area near the tip of the rocky shore is deep. There may be red sea bream and grunt!"

So I added the conquest Gure.It has a heavy weight and can appeal to fish on deeper shelves.

When I started fishing and Komase started to work, I was able to catch grunt with one and a half to two rods.

I screamed "I did it!" Involuntarily to the 35 cm well-shaped grunt.

Then, after a few things, Isaki hit again.Isaki who was fishing next to me also hit!

Komase reached the fish in the deep Tana.

I enjoyed pulling black grunts and grunts in the morning, but with the passage of time, the tide stopped fluttering like a lake, and I had a lot of trouble.

I played with Sannoji and Bella who occasionally hit me.

Because it is a rocky shore, I was able to enjoy leisurely fishing until the evening.

In this fishing trip, I was able to get grunt at the chance time of the morning blackfish by adding the conquering gray based on G-MAX and Grezero.

Next, I wonder if I can catch good-sized blackfish ⁉︎

I would like to visit various fields.