Chinu fishing at Makurazaki fishing port in late autumn ..morizo

晩秋の枕崎漁港でのチヌ釣り    ..morizo
It's getting cold in the morning and evening.
On November 11, Kagoshima Prefecture, because the errands scheduled from the previous day were gone.
I went fishing for a black sea bream to the southernmost Makurazaki fishing port on the Satsuma Peninsula.

Arrived around 7 o'clock and started making Makie.
This time, I used 2 bags of raw black sea bream on the 2 corners of krill.
Tsukee prepared corn to eat 2L of raw krill.

This time, I put out the pole at the back of the port because the wind is the highest priority.

After making Makie, I made a gimmick while sprinkling Makie little by little and started fishing around 7:40.
Two weeks ago, I encountered a horse mackerel onslaught of about 2m, but this time there is no fish shadow of horse mackerel.
Far from horse mackerel, there is no feeding.

It seems that the tide is not good at the innermost part.

However, I didn't feel like fighting a strong wind and decided to stick.
Since the upper tide is pulled by the wind, it became a form of exploratory fishing from beginning to end using the full-thickness fishing method.

Around 8:38, the line ran lightly, so I hung it up and caught a XNUMX cm kitchinu.
After that, add just 40 cm of kitchinu in the same way.
On this day, Atari, which seems to be a black sea bream, including two large balashi, was hit with a slight crawling (crawling out of ten).

And, from about 11 o'clock to 15 o'clock of the rod, the rod ends without bending even once ...

I regret the two shots.

This will happen if you don't catch the fish properly during the time when the fish uses your mouth.

I will also report when I go fishing.

By the way…
Everyone, it will be busy towards the end of the year.
I hope each of you will take proper measures against corona and end this year with a smile.