The price of storm ..morizo

時化の代償    ..morizo
There was a club I belong to on December 12st, so I participated.

Until the day before, the weather and swells were both desperate.
I managed to hold up my mood and leave the port safely.

I went to Nomaike, Minamisatsuma City, Kagoshima.
As a result of the lottery, "Wakigase" is a coveted first-class rocky shore.
I got it on board.

However, the condition of the sea is not good.
Gure is visible here and there, but it doesn't feel like eating.
Although it responded to Makie, it seemed that Mukimi remained.

The activity of other fish, not limited to Gure, was not very high and it was a tough fishing.
With the GMAX used this time, I was able to concentrate on floating the fish tenaciously and catch two 35 cm class fish.
By the way, the opponent was Bowes ...

It seems that the water temperature is starting to drop steadily, so I felt like it was about to start eating Gure.