New Year Fishing Tournament in Satsuma Peninsula Nomaike .. Hanado

新年釣り大会in薩摩半島 野間池    ..花堂
January 1 Nomaike Fishing Port was crowded with many fishermen.
It's been about 10 years ago.
I was not blessed with fishing results and I was not good at it, so I was far away.
Today, I participated in the New Year fishing tournament of 10 clubs including observers.
Because of the back turn, the ferry runs for about 20 minutes, and the customers go up one after another.
I went to "Shrimp Se" with Mr. N in the 3rd lottery.
If you give Mr. N to the point that the captain advised,
"I'm worried about the back, so I want to fish the back."

For this Maki bait, mix 3.1 krill with G-MAX 1kg, Grezero and Isomaster long cast in 1 bag each.
It is aimed at the middle layer of G-MAX from the surface layer of Grezero.And with the fine particles of the rocky shore master long cast
It is also possible to knead and cast long distances.
You can catch Koppagure from your feet to about 2 rods.I will try to cast a little more gimmicks.
The bait is left.
Judging that this area is the point, I shot a few Maki baits under my feet for Koppagure and cast a gimmick.
Wait for Harris to get used to it and hit a glass of Makiesa near the float.Aim at one block without falling apart.
If it falls apart on the way, the spilled Maki bait will chase after it.
I think that the bait kneaded by the rocky shore master long-distance casting is good.
The activity of Gure is good and it hits immediately. It had a tail length of 30 cm.
Weighing 25 animals over 5 cm in weight, we will keep it.
Mr. N gets 35 cm, which is larger than my size!
Then, I heard a voice saying "Kita!", So I turned around and got a little less than 30 cm.
I will continue to counter the gimmicks to Mr. N, but I can catch the broth even offshore.
If you switch the maki bait only to your feet and throw a few, you will get 30 cm.
I tried my best, saying, "This size is not good, I have to catch a better model," but the tide slowed down and the activity of Gure became worse.
Although the mold is small, I was able to catch it here and there.I managed to keep 5 of them.
After returning to the port, as a result of weighing, I was able to win the 2200rd place with 3g. N is 2th with 5 animals.
The 1st place is 5 animals and weighs 4800g.Overwhelming victory with good models.It was a big difference from me.

In this fishing trip, I felt that the key was to mix the maki bait with one shot while there was a lot of kappa.
The combination of G-MAX, Grezero and Isomaster long cast is recommended.

I couldn't catch a good model, but I want to do my best next time!I think.