Summer Chinu in Ibusuki Kamikihara

指宿での夏チヌ 上木原
On July 5, when Typhoon No. 7 passed, I went fishing for black sea bream at the Imaizumi fishing port in Ibusuki, Kagoshima, paying close attention to strong winds.
I set up a fishing seat at the far end of the safe harbor behind the wind and started fishing around 6:XNUMX.

This time, I used “Mugurodai” and “Chinuten” for one krill.
Tsukee prepared a raw 2L and a series of corn that I really eat.

I thought it would be a quiet start without any food, but around 6:20, the stick floated with a span and I got a 38cm black sea bream!
It seems that the black sea bream was very active and the bait didn't go out to sea.

As expected, I was able to catch two fish with the same device by 7:2.

Eating is astringent and the mechanism is changed.
Crawl the bottom with 000 floats and change from krill to nerie.
I hit Makie first, let him crawl slowly, and gave him a small invitation, and the line ran smoothly.

I took in the largest 48cm fish on this day and added 1 fish with the same pattern.

I couldn't keep hitting with the same gimmick, so I changed the gimmick to a stick float again.

It's fun to catch some kind of fish every time you change the rig.

I caught 8 fish by high tide at 19:6.

The wind got a lot stronger, and I felt the limit of safe fishing, so I delivered the rod at 11:XNUMX.
After all, only one piece could be added in the second half.

Still, 7 fishing results in half a day are reasonable w

The hot days are continuing, so let's enjoy fishing while taking measures against heat stroke.
Make sure to wear a life jacket when fishing on the embankment.

Finally, take your garbage home with you and keep the fishing spot clean.