Patience cold chinu Uekihara

我慢の寒チヌ 上木原
Kagoshima is stormy as measured every weekend.
I went fishing to Taniyama Port in Kagoshima City within 15 minutes from my house in the wind so that I could play with cold sea bream while being pulled back by rocky shore fishing.

Hmmm horribly cold.
Tropical Kagoshima is a lie ...
Sakurajima was also covered with snow.The temperature of my car is 5 degrees Celsius.
The wind is blowing, so I feel that the temperature is not around 5 ℃.

However, it doesn't help even if I say it's cold, so I started fishing.

This time, I used a bag of Zudon, Chinu smoke screen, and Chinuten on one corner of krill.

This is about 5 hours of actual fishing.
The depth of the water is as shallow as 5 to 6m even at high tide, so I chose it with the image that Makie can be applied evenly from top to bottom.

I prepared "Nama PRO L" and "Meccha kuu! Toumorokoshi" for the bait.

Well, I start fishing but I don't feed.
At first, I thought it was like this, and I just hit Makie to make points, or to pull the fish from beginning to end, but it seemed that the activity of the fish was low probably because of the influence of this cold wave.

After a while, the in-process needle disappeared.
Two hours after the start of fishing, there is finally a change.
However, I was glad that the reaction to the gimmick was such a reaction.

Around 11 o'clock, I have a chance to have a chance to endure my training!
I kept approaching at the same point stubbornly (because it was impossible to cast long distances due to strong winds), but I kept waiting with a stick float if I did not miss a small Atari, but it is a delicate thing that slightly holds the top of the stick float There is a hit.

The rod was bent neatly by putting in the awase immediately!
What a happy interaction with this fish! ︎
I worshiped the first and last Chinu on this day.
Moreover, it is perfect for no year 50 cm! ︎

After this, is it Ren Chan?I thought that I went back to the first training, so I lost the cold and decided to deliver it at 13:XNUMX.

Maybe mandarin oranges are good on cold days.