Attack the bottom!Zudon is ideal for time saving specifications .. morizo

底攻め!ズドンは時短仕様に最適    ..morizo
June 6 (Sun) I returned home because I was nominated as Pasiri for my parents' house.
9 minutes by car from my parents' house using free time until around 5 o'clock
I went fishing for black sea bream at "Makurazaki fishing port" in the south of Kagoshima prefecture.

Arrived at the site around 5:30.

This time Makie is "Kizamikko W" with mysid and krill.
"Attack the bottom! Zudon" one bag at a time.

Kizamikko W's Ami and the affordability of thawing are recommended for short fishing trips.
And bottom attack!By kneading Zudon with a small amount of seawater, it is finished to a heavy specification.

I made a gimmick while hitting Makie and started fishing around 6 o'clock.
Atari is immediately on the stick from the second throw!
A scorpion fish of about 15 cm that came up while spitting red wheat.
The power of Makie was so great that the fish seemed to be gathering in no time.

Atari that the float disappears at around 8 o'clock.
I caught 43 cm of chinu and achieved the target chinu for the time being.
If you were playing with horse mackerel, copper, etc. from there, the biggest time left today
Encountered Atari & Pull.
Although I resisted, I couldn't do anything with the No. 0 rod, and Makie was cut off due to the disappointment.
The rod was delivered with the thought that the back hair would be pulled.

It was about 3 hours fishing, but it was a bottom attack!Thanks to Zudon, I had a good morning.