Get a good-looking chinu with a bottom attack Zudon! shun

底攻めズドンで良型チヌget! shun

Location: Kataura Fishing Port (Short Embankment)
Date and time: April 4 (19: 10-00: 15)
Middle tide: Full 9: 00-Dry 15:19
Water temperature: 19 ℃

I went fishing to Kataura fishing port in Minamisatsuma city, Kagoshima prefecture.

This place has a short embankment with a depth of about 20m and a reef zone in the sandy mud, which is a famous point of Chinu.

At around 10 o'clock in place of the previous angler, fishing finally started at the favorite point!

Makie is a strategy to blend "Chinu Smoke Screen" with "Bottom Attack Zudon" and add turbidity to bring nearby Chinu.
It has a high specific density and excellent long-distance casting, and is a recommended blend!

For krill, in addition to krill, the krill feed "Eat a lot!"Corn" is used.
I used to catch a black sea bream that eats a lot of Zudon corn, so I chose a paste that is close to that.

On this day, all day, it was fishing that adjusts the sinking speed depending on the presence or absence of the gun ball of all-guided sinking fishing.
The activity of Koppagure is high, and it is difficult to search near the bottom with krill ... The time of struggle continued.
So change to bait!
Then, when you brilliantly break through the layer of Koppagure and wait with the image of crawling on the seabed, the line vigorously straightens.
It is the long-awaited Chinu (35 cm).
Maybe Makie has worked, add 2 cards in the same way!
If you try to increase the size and explore a little offshore, it's Zudon! !!
It was a splendid 51 cm chinu when I caught it after a long exchange with a fairly heavy feeling.

Today is the paste
"Meccha kuu! Toumorokoshi"
Was a big success.
Please try it!