Chinu fishing in Tokuyama Bay, Yamaguchi Prefecture .. Shingo Takeshita

山口県徳山湾のチヌ釣り    ..竹下 新悟
Not long ago, I participated in a social gathering and went to the Tokuyama Bay area for the first time this season.
I went fishing for black sea bream!
It was a difficult situation to fish due to strong winds, but surprisingly the activity of Chinu is high.
If you grab the pattern in the texture, you can fire it in rapid succession, including good ones.
I was able to enjoy the pulling of Chinu for the first time in a long time.

The compounded fish material used this time is ...
Krill raw 3 kg 1 corner, ground ami 3 kg 1 corner, and
This time, we combined 1 bag of the new product "Bottom Attack Zudon" + 3 kg of Nuka.
I kneaded it and finished it.

This "Bottom Attack Zudon" has a very stable balance of stickiness, turbidity, and long-distance casting.
Furthermore, with the separation of heavy and light specific gravity and abundant ingredients, it reaches shallow to deep chinu.
I felt that the effect of increasing the activity of Chinu appeared in a short time!

"Bottom attack Zudon" It seems to be an indispensable item for chinu fishing!