Yamaguchi Prefecture Kaminoseki Chinu Fishing .. Shingo Takeshita

山口県上関チヌ釣り    ..竹下 新悟
I left my house after 4am and arrived at the fishing spot around 6am.
It's been a long time since I've been fishing, so I can't prepare and work well.
Prepare the tackle and gimmicks and start fishing slowly. .. ..
When I hit a few Makie, I saw the appearance of feeding, but there were not many, so
I tried to attack the point directly, but the fish I can catch is not the favorite Chinu,
Because it was only Bella and blowfish, and finally the food started to remain and the tide stopped.
I took a short break, finished drinking coffee, and then resumed.

One hour after the resumption, the sea conditions began to change a little, and then the favorite Atari began to appear.
After putting in a few matches, I was finally able to see the cute face of Chinu for the first time on this day!
After that, I tried various fishing methods, but unfortunately I could not see Chinu.
I made it a rod.
I would like to make a schedule and go to the revenge fishing line again!

The compounded fish material used this time is ...
Krill raw 3 kg 2 squares, very cohesive and very easy to operate
It is also excellent in long-distance casting, has a very heavy specific weight, and is used as "My Chinu" to quickly sink Makie.
Furthermore, it has the effect of increasing the activity by directly attacking the middle to low layer of black sea bream with high specific density and abundant ingredients.
"Chinu Meguri" is blended and kneaded firmly to finish.