I want to catch cold sea bream and cold sea bream!Shuichi Hanado

寒チヌ・寒グロを釣りたくて! 花堂修一
In February Kisaragi, it gets colder, but it is said that "everything starts to move toward spring."I was delusional and excited, "Isn't it possible to catch a black sea bream on board ... Isn't it possible to catch a cold gloomy on the belly?"
Sakurajima, the symbol of Kagoshima, has become snow-covered, and the cold weather is finally getting colder.Meanwhile, I went fishing because I wanted to catch cold sea bream and cold sea bream.
First of all, cold sea bream fishing, but to the embankment in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
The selected blend material for Chinu is 2 bags of bottom attack Zudon and 1 bag of Chinu smoke screen.
Zudon has abundant ingredients, and it visually appeals with 5 types of corn, red barley, yellow barley, oyster gala, and barley, and has excellent long-distance castability.
Raw food is a mixture of krill and Akiami shrimp double-effect Kizamikko W.
Tsukee uses LL size of Sashie Pro, which is a series of corn and raw pupae that eat very much.
Chinu fishing tsukee is effective for chinu because it can be rotated by preparing neri bait and raw krill.
On this day, the northwest wind was strong and it was difficult to fish.At the same time as throwing a gimmick and landing on the water, put the tip of the ear into the sea and wind the reel so that the thread floats under the sea surface.This will make it easier for the thread to flow without being disturbed by the wind.

I aim at the full-thickness fishing method of No. 00.The activity of the fish was low at the rising tide.Around 11 o'clock when the low tide started to move, the flow became faster to the left.Therefore, Jintan No. 6 was added to the directly connected part under the float.The mechanism is familiar to the tide.When I was playing the trick, the thread that was a little dandruff was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!I caught a hit.He enjoyed running offshore.It's a mate size, but I'm happy.I got 3 animals in a row whether it was time.In the strong wind, I was able to put Makie firmly at the point.Thanks to the bottom attack Zudon, Chinu is stalled!In addition to that, Medina is also stalled!
After all, the bottom attack Zudon is good.I'm looking forward to the boarding time.
A few days later, I went fishing in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture.The goal is black on the belly.
There are three types of blended materials for Gure selected: G-MAX, Gurezero, and Isomaster long-distance casting.I mixed krill with one corner. It sinks while slowly diffusing the red slope of G-MAX and Grezero.You can appeal to fish in deep Tana from the upper layer.Long-distance rocky shore master Long-distance casting has finer particles, which makes it easier to cast long-distance casting by improving the cohesiveness.
Tsukee is taken from the L size of Sashie Pro and the sprinkling of Bakkan.
First, start from your feet.
As soon as the gimmick became familiar, I was fed.
The true identity was damselfish.I came to Makie at my feet, such as damselfish and hibdai.I aimed at two rods that couldn't be picked up.The tide slowly turns to the right.
I caught a hit with Tana, which had about one and a half rods in it.
It is a cutie of about 30 cm.I aimed at it in the same way, but I found a downsized copper on the sole of my foot.
If you do this, the tide will stop fluttering.
Even if there are about two rods in the gimmick, there is no hit, so I decided to invite him by slowly pulling the thread with the tip of the rod.Then, I got a hit on the tip of the ear.The one that came up was a 2 cm cutie.I was satisfied because I invited him to catch the hit.
The tide becomes faster from the time when the low tide is reached, and the float aims at the triple zero full-thickness fishing method.If the tide is good and the gimmicks are flowing with a good feeling, the road thread will be flipped vigorously.I couldn't stop even if I put in a match, and I was sunk in the roots and ran out of Harris.Changed Harris from 1.5 to 1.75.I hit it after throwing a few.
Harris rubbed at the edge of my feet, even though I brought it to the front, and tears.
I didn't give up until the end, but I couldn't add fish and it became a rod.Barashi is regrettable ...
I can still aim for cold weather, so I would like to revenge.