Cold sea bream?Uekihara

寒チヌ? 上木原
Females are beginning to stand out in the Gure area of ​​the Nansatsu area in Kagoshima, and the end of the season is approaching.
I went to Ibusuki before noon on March 3th to go fishing for black sea bream with a feeling that Nokkomitinu is about to start.

This day was a new development point, but I confirmed in a preliminary survey that it was shallow (water depth was about 5m even at high tide), so I made Makie with consideration for the specific density and smoke screen.
Raw pupa black sea bream and one bag of chinu smoke screen are kneaded into one corner of krill to make it a long-distance casting specification.
Tsukee prepares raw PRO and corn that eats very much.

Arrived at the scene before noon.

The wind is much stronger than the forecast.
It took me an hour from home, so I couldn't give up easily and forced myself.
However, there was no Esatori and the wind forced me to double the stress, so I finally gave up and evacuated to a place called Imaizumi Fishing Port, which went north for about 2 minutes.

I managed to keep the appearance of fishing by receiving the back from the wind, but the water temperature is strangely low on the sidewalk, and I can not get any food at all.
I tried alternating with nerie and krill, but krill has a higher probability of being mischievous, and this time it was judged that raw krill had a share.

The harbor here is not very deep, but it overlaps with the low tide and is probably the deepest, about 1 Hiro.

At such a depth, I didn't get much food in front of me, probably because I was under pressure from Chinu.

Throw a long distance of about 30m, keep throwing the hardened Makie as much as you can, put up a smoke screen, crawl on the bottom of the solid and invite it, and at the moment when the line runs tightly, hooking firmly with a twist hook! ︎

I managed to worship one Chinu's face with the only Atari today.

"47cm, which is a little short without a year"

And I was able to express it in vain.

When there is no food, raw krill is still strong! ︎
Today, Chinu was unusually inactive, but when it gets a little warmer, Chinu's nokkomi will be in full swing.

Last but not least, etiquette at fishing spots has become even more popular in recent years.
Even in Kagoshima, I was surprised to find that there was a fence on the embankment that was off limits.

Not to mention the manners of anglers, but let's take the trash home with us.
Also, try to wear a floating vest on the embankment.