Cold sea bream fishing ..morizo

寒チヌ釣り    ..morizo
This season is said to be a warm winter, but how about Chinu? 2/9 (Sun)
I made time only in the morning, so I went to the local Makurazaki fishing port.

Arrived at the scene around 9 o'clock.

There were no anglers around me and I was a little worried, but anyway
I decided to put out a pole.

Easy Makie with 1.5 bag of my chinu in 1kg of Kizamikko
Tsukee also played only with MSW Chinu.

It was easy to fish because there was no wind, but it felt like the gimmick and Makie did not match well with the tight two tides.
When I sank the float and watched the situation, the line ran through and got on the rod.

In the end, I caught 4 rods with the same pattern and it was delivered at 12 o'clock.
All the sizes were around 40, which was reasonably enjoyable for a cold sea bream.

It's been a fun day to get in.