Cold gray Uekihara

寒グレ 上木原
The Kagoshima Minamisatsu area this season is not crowded with fishing results.
Every time, I am forced to fish hard.

This time, XNUMX people will take on the Daikoku Challenge in Minamisatsuma City.

On February 2, while a strong northwest wind was blowing, we left the port at 11:7 with Mr. Kaeimaru, who was used this time.
It was "Murakami's separation" that I had one junior take me down.
It's the first time I'm riding, but it's a first-class point that I've heard is a famous reef.
The other day, the caught Gure was spitting out seaweed in the keeper Bakkan, so I am preparing this Makie based on that.
This time, I used 2 krill, 2 bags of Grezero, and 1 bag of Nori seaweed.
Tsukee prepared raw Iki-kun PRO L for raw PRO L.

I will put out the rod from around 8 o'clock.
Even if you put Makie in, you can't see the food.
I heard that the water temperature was 16.5 ℃, but last week it was 20 ℃.
Is the change of 1 ° C in a week too big for fish?
The activity does not increase at all.

No matter how much I put in the gimmick, the food came back as it was.

Around 11 o'clock, I changed the fishing seat with my juniors.
In the harsh fishing of each other, a tide appears as if drawing a line on a rocky place that can be seen at a distance of about 50m.

I will put in a gimmick along this tide with the thought of clinging to the straw.
Atari like a conical float holding your head?There was a change like that.

If you change it to a stick and let it flow again in the same way, lightly press your head.
Is it about 5 to 6 cm with a stick float?You can certainly feel the reaction of the fish, which is different from the shaking of the waves.
Next, when I stretched the float at a point where there was a change (near the rocky area about 50m ahead) and invited me, the float came in sponge.
The one that appeared was a 38 cm thick mouth.
It was a long-awaited Gure.
Add another one in the same way and deliver it at 13:XNUMX.

Although it is difficult to catch a few, it is also the charm of cold gray to capture this bittersweet gray with a little wisdom.

On this day, only one person other than me was able to catch Gure with six people.
After all it seems that everyone was strict.

Sure enough, Krill and seaweed were in Gure.
The power of Gurezero and Nori helped this harsh fishing of cold gray.

By the way, both of the two Gure are eaten with Raw Iki-kun PRO.
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