Cold Gure Fishing Line Irie

寒グレ釣行記 入江

The water temperature has reached the 15 ° C level, and the good news of large-scale blackfish has begun to fly around Nagasaki.
The other day, I was able to get a full-fat Gure at Tetra off the coast of Azekari, so I would like to report on it.
The bait used on this day is Krill blackfish, G-MAX that keeps gray in the middle range, and Ikki floating Gure SP, which has high diffusivity, and is kneaded with tapri seawater to finish it with Gure Z. Challenge with raw Iki-kun for PRO L.

At first, it was difficult to catch the front wind and the front tide, but when the wind became loose and it became possible to cast a long distance offshore, thanks to Special Makie, the sole size of the foot was able to be caught consistently with about 2 Hiro.
I thought that I could catch a bigger one, so I hit a G15 gun ball 1 cm above the tension and aimed at a deeper distance of about 1.75 meter, and Big One arrived!However, since it is Tetra, the exchange is quite forcible!Believe in the strength of Harris XNUMX, do not put out any thread, and as soon as you float it, you will be in the tamo!I managed to capture it.
When I hit the major, it was 46 cm, but I was tall and my stomach was like a balloon!
When I took it home and broke my stomach, Shirako was in a mess ❗️
If I eat such a delicious fish, I can't stand it because I want to go fishing anymore.
Well, this week we are looking for where to attack the sea.