Miyanoura Komatsuzaki Onaga Aso

宮ノ浦 小松崎の尾長 麻生


On November 11th, I went to Miyanoura in Nagasaki prefecture.

On the day,There were more than 50 participants in the tournament of my club.

I got on the Marumiya fishing center's sea dolphin by lottery,Head to Komatsuzaki on Kasugashima Island.

"A rising tide means fishing in a torrent that flows to the left," he said.The porter told me about it, and it was true.

In addition to G-MAX, the base blend of Iso Master long throw,Imagine sinking in lumps so as not to spread too much in the torrent.I put a lot of gray Z and kneaded it.

When I put it in, as I imagined, while creating a smoke screen,It was finished as a makie that sinks in lumps.

But the torrent is great.The rising tide is flowing, and the gimmick is thrown in,When I tried to add a follow-up makie, it flowed more than 10m.

Synchronizing with the gimmick is impossible, so find the tide and follow the line.I decided to keep Makie on.

While the line of the next angler is in front of you,Throw it far and throw it into the tide where Makie should be effective.The trick is

I challenged it with a two-step floating device so as not to deviate from the tide line.

The thread is loose,I'm going to go out at once with the momentum of the hit.After about 10 seconds, the bite came and it was 30 choi long.After that, the speed did not decline, and only the lines of the tide changed, little by little, 30 cm.A weak tail hits.

Meanwhile, there was a place where a line of bubbles was formed offshore, soI made a long throw on that muscle and made Makie work.After putting it in and leaving it for a few seconds,It hits the road thread.

Although it was in the tide, this time it felt quite heavy.Intense thrust is many times at the place where it is brought to the brink.

It was a bit bearish exchange with 1.5 Harris,A good tail length has risen without being uncommon.

When the tide goes down, the left current calms down a little and adds little by little.

When I finished, the 5 fish I sent for weighing weighed 3700g.It was a satisfying catch with the 4th prize.

As for the sashie of the day,Rotation of PRO covered with master long throw and pickled in netIt was, but PRO had a minute.

Komatsuzaki, where you can catch long tails that are ready to eatI would like to go again.