Rocky shore off Yasuura "Donbuka" outer ring

安浦沖の磯『ドンブカ』 外輪
■ 36 pieces of 42-9 cm chinu

Fishing spot
■ Rocky shore off Yasuura "Donbuka"

Makie used
■ Chinuten
■ Domination Chinu White
■ Attack the bottom!2 bags of bags

It was a fishing trip in Yasuura, which is said to be the fastest to get in in Hiroshima prefecture, but I was able to catch it constantly due to the change in the tide, as if I was waiting for a migrating black sea bream.

Atari was often good atari, but the sashiesa I chose only responded to raw Iki-kun for PRO and softened neriesa.

It is a forecast off the coast of Yasuura in the future, but if there is no significant temperature change, I think that in April we will enter a stable period of boarding and meet Chinu in good condition.
And since it is time to start to be aware of measures to remove food, it is expected that we will increase the variation of sashie and respond.