Gure fishing that feels the season Uekihara

季節を感じるグレ釣り 上木原
On the last Sunday of January, I went fishing to Bonotsu, Minamisatsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
Although it has been confirmed that this season's spring gure has been confirmed, it is a suspicious development that does not easily enter the explosive fishing mode.

This time, GMAX, the power of seaweed, Grezero, and Isomaster long-distance casting are all-rounded with one bag each for two corners of krill.
Tsukee prepared raw PRO L and raw Iki-kun M.

Departure by the second ship.
Although it is a windy side, I was asked to ride on a river called "Akase", which is difficult for people to ride.
I thought there might be no food in it, so I put in Makie for about 10 minutes before making the gimmick.

Hedai hit from the first throw, probably because the preliminary work was tied up.
From the start of fishing, the rod bends frequently, but the gray does not come out easily.
After all, it was one hour before the rod was delivered that I worshiped the long-awaited face of Gure.
It was worth the effort to endure the training while my heart was about to break.

It has a tail length of 35 cm and a mouthpiece of 40, but it was difficult to catch.

When I used these two pieces for a live well, I was spitting out a large amount of seaweed.

From now on, it's cold gray production.
I feel that the power of seaweed, Grezero, is likely to become a must-have item.

The combination that matches the time may lead to fishing results ❗️