Hirayama after Omura Bay Family Chinu Fishing Tournament 2022

大村湾ファミリーチヌ釣り大会2022を終えて 平山

On September 4, 9 (Sunday), we were able to hold the Omura Bay Family Chinu Fishing Tournament, which had been canceled for two years due to the corona vortex, for the first time in three years.

There were 36 participants and 17 pairs in the general division, and 42 participants in the family division (participating children were 4 children from 3 years old to the third grade of junior high school), a total of 24 people.

This time, the port that was used as the reception venue in the northern part of Omura Bay, which had been used until the last time, was in trouble due to problems such as garbage being left unattended, but Nagayo Town kindly accepted the use of the venue.

Therefore, the venue for the reception and the opening and closing ceremonies was changed to the multi-purpose square in Nagayo-cho, which is adjacent to the high-speed boat terminal.Inevitably, the fishing grounds shifted from the northern part of Omura Bay to the southern part.

Since the first time, this family sea bream fishing tournament has adopted the cannonball method, so those who have been participating for a long time and those who often go fishing in the northern part of the prefecture can reduce the actual fishing time and use it as a travel time. Some people were planning to run to the northern area where they were accustomed to fishing, but after the reception and the opening ceremony, they spread out to their favorite places and enjoyed fishing.

This time, I rented life jackets for children at the Nagasaki Prefecture Fishing Association Council, and I felt that most families were prepared and it was wonderful.

The port of the reception venue has a large fishing spot and a large parking space.The toilet is also adjacent, so it was popular with families who were fishing in this area for the first time.

When I went to see how it was after a while after the actual fishing started, I saw elementary school students catching black sea bream before their fathers, and veterans struggling with the fierce attacks of micrometa and the low hits. There was a lot of drama going on.

Furthermore, in the harbor where I drove a little, I saw a black sea bream in the latter half of the 30cm to 45cm class bending the rod moderately and stretching the catch to the fullest, which was completely different from the harbor near the venue. .

The two who were involved in the victory were the two who chose the river that flows into the port of the venue from the tendency of the local fishing spot that they were used to fishing even though it was their first fishing spot.Among them, Mr. Sugasaki, who came in 2nd place, even got the big prize.

In the staff's pre-fishing, although the weather was stormy, the fishing conditions at the nearby port were not very good, but as expected, the participants of the general division, who were full of veterans, won the championship with three fish weighing 3 kg. 4,25 kg even in 5th place. 3,47 out of 36 people had 18 fish, and I could feel the depth of the fish in Omura Bay.

In addition, there were 3 winners in the family category, weighing 3.425kg, which is almost the same as the 5th place winner in the general category. Even the 5th place winner weighed 2,59kg, and 17 out of 11 groups weighed 3 fish, which was also a good catch.

Prizes are taken home by choosing your favorite prizes in each category.All the participants were happy, and everyone was happy to return home, hoping that the event would be held again next year.

This time, during the opening ceremony, we asked everyone to clean up the fishing grounds after fishing, but everyone put their rods away early, cleaned up the area around the fishing grounds, and took their garbage home with them.

You can fish, the parking lot is wide, and the clean toilet is adjacent.The opening and closing ceremonies can also be held in the beautiful lawn square, so I would like to keep it clean and use it carefully.