Aiming for a large tail length to Cape Sata Tajiri ~ shun

大型尾長を狙い佐多岬田尻へ~ shun
Location: Sata Tajiri (Borase)
Date and time: May 5 (18: 6-30: 14)
Middle tide: Full 8: 00-Dry 14:24
Water temperature: 21 ℃
At Tsurumaru, I went fishing to "Mullet" in Cape Sata Tajiri.

This place is on the west side of the Tajiri area.
There are many points where you can put out a rod in the wide water, and there are many points to attack from the edge to the offshore.

Makie selects "Grezero", "GreZ", and "G-MAX", and in order to make the tail length Gure float, "Grezero", which has a relatively low sinking speed, is mainly used, and "GreZ" is used to increase the amount and castability. To add.
Tajiri is used while blending "G-MAX" so that the sinking speed can be adjusted according to the situation because the tide may flow.
We have prepared "Nama Iki-kun for pro", which is good for feeding and can be cast long distances, and "Sashiesa PRO boil" as a bait removal measure.

On this day, I will challenge No. 4 Harris with No. 4 Harris and No. 8 on the tail length needle all day to catch a large tail length gray!

Shortly after arriving at the reef, when observing the area around the rocky shore, you can see a striped beakfish with a striped pattern disappearing and a good-shaped grayfish under your feet!
It is a field with high potential.

All guidance starts from your feet, but food remains.
When the sun illuminates the sea, you can see Gure picking up Makie in about 1 Hiro.
So I put the float in Harris and fixed it with Yohji.
As soon as I was playing in sync with Makie in 1 Hiro, a 33 cm long tail hit!
I was able to add 3 pieces with this fishing method, but the tide changes and the activity of the fish deteriorates.
When I was observing Makie from a high place, I saw Gure in a slightly deep place.
I know that if you drop the trace, the fish will eat it, but I'm patient here ...
I am conscious of the depths and fishing with all guidance
The float disappears vigorously, and you can easily get a mouthpiece over 40 cm!
I'm usually happy, but the fish I'm aiming for is a large tail length ... I have a delicate feeling.
After that, I can catch grunts and gurukun, but the east wind gradually becomes stronger and it becomes difficult to fish.
The collection time is approaching ...
Changed from full-guided submerged fishing to semi-guided submerged fishing of 3B floats, and a strong attack comes at the place where about one and a half gimmicks are included!
Since it was No. 4 trace, I exchanged bullishly, but I was out of grief.
Perhaps he was swallowed by a magpie or a brassy chub ...
The dream large-sized magpie has been carried over to the next time.

There is still little bait and the activity of Gure is high, so I think you can enjoy Gure fishing a little more!
Why don't you go fishing for the last season of Gure?

In that case, it is recommended to use the "Nama Iki-kun for pro" software, which is easy to bite into and can be cast long distances.
Please try it!