Aiming for large scale blackfish .. Hayato Nakamura

大型グレを狙い    ..東中村隼
In Kagoshima, go to Funama, which has a reputation for being able to aim for large scale blackfish
I had it handed over to "Shimotaka Taki" at Kanamaru.
This field is generally deep from your feet,
The tide is also ◎ That's why many large fishing spots are lurking.

Makie's strategy to use properly in the morning and afternoon
In the morning, be aware of the upper layers and "float Ikki"
I want to fish all layers in the afternoon, so "G-MAX"
We will mix this with "Gure Z" to increase long-distance casting performance and quantity.
On this day, the activity of the mouth was low, and when aiming for the tide, the tail length was only in the 30 cm range.Eventually a good type of yaito hits!
After all it is good to aim at the tide.
In order to aim for a large mouth, I will throw away the tide and aim at my feet.
Maybe the spread of "G-MAX" was effective, and Gure started to dance.
If you change the rod to No. 1.7 and hang it, it is a yellowtail raising strategy.
This secures about 6 sheets!
Although I couldn't catch a large one, I was able to catch a tail length of over 40 cm, which was a good fishing trip.