Aso Akiiso in Tsurumi, south of Oita Prefecture

大分県南、鶴見の秋磯 麻生

October 10th, South Oita Prefecture,I went gre fishing at the point in the bay on the Tsurumi Peninsula.

Originally,I was planning on wondering what the Akiiso situation at the offshore point would be.However, due to the swell caused by the tropical cyclone, it is not possible to cross the reef.The captain told me that it would be OK if it was in the bay, but it was as planned because it was quite fun in the bay.

Assuming that the blended material on this day has a shallow bite,G-MAX, G-MAX,I made it a master long throw.

Departure just before 6am.The captain went toThe point of Uto land where the catch was in the competition held in the same week.However, another ship had already given a visitor.

Next, the captain chose Hiraiwa in the underground of Tsurumi Oshima.

I set a floating stop just a little over one rod, and Harris was 1,No gun and slightly heavier No. 5 needles are set.In the foreground, you can see boxfish, eels, and other squishy prey, but you can't see the expected coppagre.Tsukee prepared Ami-zuke, PRO, Raw Iki-kun Crystal, and master long throws on them, and watched them while rotating them.

Even if you scatter makie offshore, the food will remain, and you will be bitten.If you think it's Koppa Hell, it's not like that at all.After a while,If you try to catch a small hit, it's a coppagre.After that, I couldn't understand the bite, and the food was often taken, so I changed to a stick float.

You can clearly see that the fish are chewing on the bait,Repeatedly pulling the bare needle even if there is a hit.Sometimes it hangs grunts and burrs.Meanwhile, I found a point where garbage floating in the sea was flowing to the right in the left-flowing tide.I hurriedly put Makie into the tide and threw in the gimmick directly,It took me a while to see if I could get used to the gimmick, and the stick went in smoothly, and although it was slim, it was 40 cm.Get an overcoat.

Compatriots enjoy grunt, yaz, and copper.Seabirds are dancing, and you can see a blue-skinned nabla,It feels like Akiiso.After that, I was killed instantly and cut off.Just when I was about to recreate the mechanism, a patrol boat arrived, so I changed my mind for a change.

The next stop was Akaiwa in Tanga.Tsurumi Peninsula, literally next to Tanga Port,It is a red rocky shore.

Rebuild the gimmick and start fishing.Both of them didn't get much result,About an hour passed.Regretting the change, the tide begins to move slowly but intricately,I've seen some tides.When a fellow reefer is carefully attacking the tide, there is a fishing rod.It was a splendid gray over 45 cm that came up while being thrust many times.

Even in my place, I can finally see the tide in the offing.Aiming directly at the tide, when the gimmick is familiar, the float is erased at that timing,It is clearly different from the conventional burr, and it has a heavy weight.When I thought I could finally see the shadow of the fish, I plunged into the brink,Cut from Chimoto and disassemble.Since the sea conditions have not changed yet, if you attack with the same point,Another similar Atari.The one that came up was about 40 cm tall, and it looked delicious.

After that, I added two fish, and while doing so, the sea conditions changed,Gure's Atari has gone away and has become a Bali hell. . .Tsukee responded well to PRO's master long throw pickles.The same reef did not grow in size, butI enjoyed fishing a few grays from the palms of my hands to the soles of my feet. 

The north wind is strong, and Makie's control often goes wrong,It was difficult to synchronize Makie and Tsukee offshore, but the diffusivity of GrezeroI feel like you made up for that part.


It was a fishing trip that felt the high potential of Tsurumi Bay.